Irie Drops is our own newborn product line of high-quality CBD oils.

 10 ml – 8% (825mg)

10 ml – 8% (825mg)


10 ml – 4% (400mg)

Irie means being happy , having no worries, and being at total peace with oneself.

Irie Soul provides some of the best CBD products worldwide in support of the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul. 

Irie Soul works exclusively with the best producers in the CBD industry, using state-of-the-art extraction labs to create the purest and safest CBD. 

Irie Soul delivers a wide range of carefully selected quality products, utilizing only healthy and organic solvents.

Irie Soul is an ambassador of the benefits of CBD and all its compounds, but also stands for social responsibility. Some of the proceeds of Irie Soul products go directly towards the creation of a charity foundation.

Our Happy Clients

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible customer happiness.

I have been suffering from migraines for years, and have tried just about everything to treat them (medication, herbal teas, etc.). The only thing that truly alleviated my symptoms is CBD. I particularly recommend Irie Drops products, as they do not only help with my migraines, but since using them, I finally stopped tossing and turning in bed before falling asleep. The quality of my sleep has also improved majorly!
Mónika (25)

Pest County, Hungary

Over the past years I dealt with some really stressful times, leading to anxiety and high-blood pressure during the day, as well as difficulties falling asleep and interrupted sleep at night. Irie Drops has truly helped me to reduce my stress levels, and I am finally able to sleep well and wake up refreshed without using medication or other herbal – though less effective – alternatives.
Elisabeth (74)

Stuttgart, Germany

I have tried several brands and products, but Irie Drops is my favourite by far: it is a consistent, high-quality product! You definitely feel the difference compared to other brands, Irie Drops is way more effective than anything else I’ve ever tried before. I am super grateful to Irie Soul for their commitment and quality!

Enrico (41)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Irie Drops Active+ Pure is a top quality and effective product. It helps me to relax at home, but it is also key in managing my flying phobia that usually kicks in when boarding a plane. I am glad to have discovered Irie Soul and I will definitely continue using their products.

Giorgio (68)


Ever since I took Irie Drops Raw I fall asleep more easily, and I sleep more peacefully. I am also much more balanced during the day, and handle stressful situations better – my anxiety is virtually gone. And best of all, I didn’t notice any side effects. Highly recommended to everyone!

Juci (35)

Pécs, Hungary

Personally, I have been using CBD for years, but three months ago my mother suffered a stroke and as a result developed panic attacks. To treat her panic attacks I offered her Active + Pure, which basically made the attacks disappear completely. Magical stuff, I can only recommend it to all!

Mate (23)

Pest County, Hungary